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Jesus appears to Thomas, and directly deals with his unbelief concerning the resurrection. In light of his commissioning of the disciples (see John 20:19-23), T... Read More

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One-day parenting seminar hosted by Kyle & Lindsey Carlson... Read More

Pastor Kyle's Blog

Singing is usually a big part of a church's weekly worship service. But why? What's the value in singing together as we gather to worship God? ...Read More

It's easy to tell that Americans are alive and angry, because we keep yelling at each other about all manner of Stuff That Makes Us Mad. Honestly, it's sort of impressive to me how much emotional bandwidth people seem to have; how can everyone get so worked up about so much?...Read More

On August 7, 2015 the Carlson family said "goodbye" to our Houston-area home and began a three-day road journey toward Baltimore and a new assignment from King Jesus. The questions in our minds as we embarked on that journey were numerous, and weighty: Will we make any friends in Baltimore? How will our young children respond to the drast...Read More