10am Sundays @ Seven Oaks Elementary

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Featured Sermon

The Ark of the Covenant has been captured by the Philistines, and it spends seven months being passed around their cities. The problem? Everywhere it goes, Yahw... Read More

Featured Event

Join Imprint women for this thoughtful study in Ezra & Nehemiah. We trust this time in God's word and in fellowship with his people will bear fruit in your life... Read More

Pastor Kyle's Blog

We often assume that the best way for Christians to bear fruit for the kingdom of God is to do good to those outside the church. But Paul's exhortation to Christians in Galatians 6:10 says exactly the opposite: Doing good to those "within the household of faith" is precisely what will bear the fruit of gospel growth....Read More

A new investigative report reveals 20 years of sexual abuse and cover-ups within SBC churches. How should we respond to this crisis? As a Southern Baptist church, what are the implications for for us, and for our network of churches? In light of this gut-punch, let me offer a few thoughts that are crystal clear to me....Read More

During the season of Advent, Christians look both backward and forward. We celebrate what Jesus accomplished in his first coming, and we eagerly await what he'll accomplish when he returns in power and glory. Let Advent hope lead you to worship God more fully this year....Read More