10am Sundays @ Seven Oaks Elementary

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Paul's letter to the Colossians paints a powerful, poetic picture of Jesus Christ as the king of creation, and the Lord of the church. Listen to guest preacher ... Read More

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Be our guest at a weekly worship gathering!... Read More

Pastor Kyle's Blog

During the season of Advent, Christians look both backward and forward. We celebrate what Jesus accomplished in his first coming, and we eagerly await what he'll accomplish when he returns in power and glory. Let Advent hope lead you to worship God more fully this year....Read More

Another important (but often-overlooked) element of the church's gathered worship is prayer. Some have given up on it, finding it too difficult, even boring. Here are three reasons we should give prayer a substantial place in the church's gathered worship....Read More

Singing is usually a big part of a church's weekly worship service. But why? What's the value in singing together as we gather to worship God? ...Read More