10am Sundays @ Seven Oaks Elementary

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Flu Season: A Prayer of Thanksgiving


Dear Lord,

It’s Flu Season. I have spent many hours in fear and preventative panic, washing my hands obsessively, keeping my distance from others who may be germ-carriers, hoping against hope that perhaps the illness would pass over me, and I would be spared.

But alas, I have succumbed. Hard as I tried to keep it from coming, it came. My joints ache, my temperature soars, my throat burns, my head clouds. Those around me who I look to for help and support are themselves comprised by this sickness. Where will I turn? Why must I suffer this way? How long will this misery last?

And yet, Lord, even this illness, which has brought my body into a state of disharmony and disunity, is a reminder of how tremendous my body is. With the psalmist, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14)! My keen awareness of how my body is not working properly is a testimony to how effortlessly, harmoniously, and beautifully my body works most of the time. You have designed me brilliantly and mercifully. The misery of the flu reminds me of that. Thank you, Father.

And Lord, my bone-weariness and exhaustion, while annoying and troublesome, point out to me how often I take for granted the necessary strength, energy, and stamina to live my days and carry out my tasks. Indeed, it could almost be said that I often feel no need of you at all, because I feel as though I am self-sufficient. When all that strength is wiped away, and I feel as though I can barely make it through the day, I am reminded of my weakness. My limitations.

Forgive me, Father, for falsely believing that I have no need of you, and that I can naturally accomplish all I set my mind to without your strength in my bones. Let me remember, O Lord, that you alone are truly self-sufficient; you alone never grow weak or weary; you alone are never drained of energy by illness and ailment. May I find strength and refuge in your strength.

So Lord, I thank you. Thank you for reminding me of my limitations and weaknesses. Thank you for reminding me of how ingenious your design for the human body is, and how effectively it serves me on most days, by your wise and gracious plan. Thank you for the reminder that in you alone will I find the strength and stamina I need to persevere through this illness, and through my health. Let me rest in the sufficiency of your grace, O Lord, until you mercifully remove this illness from my body and allow me to be restored.

Thank you, Lord, even for Flu Season.

In Jesus’ name,