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Halloween: Opportunity Knocks


Let's face it: Halloween is a weird holiday. Our culture's obsession with the dark and macabre takes center stage on this annual neighborhood-based festival of pageantry and indulgence. While I don't necessarily get excited about "celebrating" Halloween, there's one opportunity that is unmistakable in our otherwise private and isolated society:

Neighbors will knock on your door.

Christians are sometimes inclined to shut off their lights and hide in their bedroom, to avoid the strangeness of witches and wolf-children intruding on their front porch. Some, indeed, have qualms of conscience about participating in the event at all. (If that's what your conscience tells you, you should listen. To quote Luther, "Going against conscience is neither right nor safe.")

But if your conscience doesn't forbid it, I'd like to encourage you to receive the knocks at your door on Halloween as opportunity.

If you're planning to stay at home on Halloween, plan to bless your neighbors who come knocking with GOOD candy, warm smiles, and (when possible) conversation. Think of how you might include a gospel tract or a church invite card along with the candy (definitely not instead of it!). If a child's parents are in earshot, greet them as well. Maybe you'll make a new friend!

There are two ways we hope to mobilize our church to serve TOGETHER this Halloween:

1) Seven Oaks Trunk-or-Treat, Oct. 17. Next Thursday evening, Imprint will provide a "trunk" for Seven Oaks' first trunk-or-treat event! We have permission from the PTA to explicitly represent our church and hand out information, so it'll be a good way to love our neighbors and get the word out about Imprint! If you want to participate in that, contact Sarah Roberts ( to find out how to get involved.

2) Partnering in your neighborhoods on Halloween. If you live in a neighborhood that boasts substantial foot-traffic on Halloween (e.g., a townhouse community), think of how you might be a more visible and noteworthy presence on Oct. 31. Set up tables in your front yard; provide coffee, snacks, and water bottles for neighbors on the stroll; set up some camping chairs so people can take a break, and have a conversation. Have some Imprint invite cards on hand, gospel literature, etc., to give away. But don't feel like you have to do it by yourself! If you want to do something like this but you'd like some help - OR if you want to partner with some else to help them do this - contact me ( and I'll help get people connected!

Whatever you do, take advantage of the opportunities that will come knocking at your door on October 31, and shine a light for Jesus in your neighborhood!