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Happy Birthday, Imprint!

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What are your birthday traditions? Is there a particular rhythm to the day? Certain events or treats that never fail to be included? Perhaps there's a favorite meal, a cherished dessert, or a gift that the person of honor gets to enjoy. Maybe the "Birthday Boy's" loved ones work to remove normal tasks and responsibilities from his plate for the day. In recent years, perhaps a social media "shout out" has become a staple.

Whatever your particular traditions, chances are you don't let a birthday - yours or that of a loved one - slide by unnoticed. In our time-marches-forward existence, bound to the clock and increasingly bearing its marks, a birthday is a milestone. Another year is an achievement, an evidence of God's grace and purpose, and an opportunity both to reflect on the year behind and dream about the years ahead.

For these reasons, it's appropriate that as a church we don't let a birthday slide by unnoticed. Taking a moment to reflect on the year behind, hope for the year ahead, and celebrate the redemptive purposes of God is a good habit not just for an individual, but for a community as well.

This Sunday marks one year (officially March 19) since we opened our doors and began holding a public Sunday worship service. In some ways, it's hard to believe an entire year has passed since the first time we met for worship at Seven Oaks Elementary (Have we really done this 52 times?). In other ways, the moments of ministry, glimpses of spiritual fruit, challenging conversations, clarifying of mission/vision, days of discouragement, and reasons for rejoicing are almost too numerous to recount. It's been an eventful year!

And by God's grace, we're still here. By God's grace, we'll keep taking next steps by faith and watching him work in and through us.

So please join us for worship this Sunday, and for a time of celebration to follow (with lunch from Chipotle and some birthday cupcakes), as we reflect on God's grace to Imprint this year, and look forward with hope to another year of gospel-centered worship, community, and service.

Happy Birthday, Imprint!