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His Heart Beats

His Heart Beats image

An Easter post? But Easter's already over, Kyle!

OK, so the Easter holiday has passed by on the calendar. But because of the grace and power of God, we live in the reality of Jesus' resurrection life every day. In one sense, every Sunday is "Easter Sunday." It wouldn't be wrong to think of our worship gatherings as a weekly celebration of Jesus' resurrection from the dead. In fact, Christians for centuries have gathered for worship on Sunday precisely because it's the day Jesus rose! If you've ever heard anyone call Sunday "The Lord's Day," this is why. It's the day Jesus walked out of his grave, defeated death, put the devil and his minions on notice, and inaugurated his eternal Kingdom - already begun, not yet fully realized.

That's where we live. In our darkest moments of pain, insecurity, weakness, and sin, resurrection grace is ours for the taking. We can choose to live in the light of Jesus' power over the grave, and to "know him and the power of his resurrection" (Philippians 3:10).

So if you'll indulge me for a moment, I want to simply draw your attention to a beautiful opportunity for worship and reflection on the reality of Easter and it's power in our lives. If you've been around me for very long, you've heard me champion the work of singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson. (In fact, in December we gathered at my home to sing together through his biblical-theology-in-song, "Behold the Lamb of God.")

Andrew has just released an album of songs centered on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, called "Resurrection Letters, Vol. 1." The entire album is beautiful and worthy of repeated listens and reflection, but today I want to invite you to spend five minutes and twenty-five seconds on the album's opening song, "His Heart Beats." (You can click that link, or just watch at the bottom of this page.) It's an unabashed explosion of praise, filled with theological truth and poetic beauty, championing Jesus Christ as the victor over death and the Savior of sinners. Really, folks, it's SUPER good. Check out the song's opening lines:

His heart beats
His blood begins to flow
Waking up what was dead a moment again
And his heart beats
Now everything has changed
'Cause the blood that brought us peace with God
Is racing through his veins
And his heart beats

That's all I'm giving away! Go listen for yourself, and revel in the glory of Jesus Christ and his victory over death for us! (Do yourself a favor and listen on good speakers or headphones.)

Happy Saturday! Live in the light of his resurrection!