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Waiting for Spring


It's the second day of spring, and snow is piling up in my yard as I type this. For this Texas boy, it's a strange feeling to be wearing a sweatshirt and sheltering inside my house in the middle of March. School is cancelled, my cars are buried, and it keeps coming. I've thought aloud to several people in the past few weeks, "I'm ready for spring!" Well, spring is here, and I'm still waiting for spring to get here. Welcome to Maryland, I suppose.

But there's a deeper longing in the human heart of which the desire for spring is just an echo. Just as we eagerly await winter's gray skies giving way to blue, our souls long for light and peace. Just as we grimace through winter's bitter cold and anticipate spring's warmer temperatures, so our souls ache for the warmth of truth and beauty. Just as we await the flowers climbing again through the earth and the leaves sprouting on their branches, so we thirst for the new life and hope that Jesus provides.

God has written the story of the gospel into the very cycle of the seasons. We watch the earth with anticipation, and we're reminded not only of the new life that's been purchased for us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, but we hear the echo of the story's glorious ending - when all death and brokenness give way to life and peace for eternity. "For his invisible attributes, namely his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made." (Romans 1:20)

So while we await the resurrection of the earth from the frozen barrenness of winter, let's keep our eye on the greater resurrection, and give thanks to God for the eternal life that it affords.

And while you're at it, maybe pray for spring to show up for real.