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Discipleship Groups

discipleship groups

Weekly worship services are only one part of Imprint’s discipleship pathway. We believe where “the rubber meets the road” in our discipleship journey is in the context of relationships, where we know one another well enough to share burdens and challenge each other to move forward. Discipleship Groups come in different sizes and formats, depending on the needs and resources at any given time.

Midweek Bible Study. The midweek study provides an opportunity for people to come together around God's Word, and explore particular topics of interest or books of the Bible. Following a "large group" format, there will be some biblical instruction at the beginning of the meeting, and then people will break into gender-based small groups for an opportunity to discuss the content for the evening.

Home Discipleship Groups. HD Groups are small gatherings that meet in homes during the week. Sometimes HD Groups are co-ed, and other times there will be separate men's and women's groups. HD Groups will have Bible-based teaching to study together, as well as opportunities for prayer and for serving together.

Personal Discipleship Groups. PD Groups are smaller and more intensive than HD Groups, and are organized by gender. For those who want to invest more significant time and energy into growing in their relationship with Jesus, these same-sex groups of 3-4 people will provide an excellent opportunity for accountability and intentional progress toward maturity in Christ. PD Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly wherever the group members arrange.

Keep your eye on our Events Calendar to find out when these discipleship groups are offered. You can also keep up-to-date by subscribing to "Imprint Weekly News."

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