Imprint is meeting in person for worship Sundays at 10am.
If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, tune in on Zoom.

10am Sundays @ 2927 Cub Hill Rd / 21234

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Our Values

Values lights

As we work to make a mark on our community, there are seven things that Imprint Community Church will always stand for:

1. God's Word

God's word is the only unchanging standard of truth and righteousness. In a world rapidly severing itself from God's eternal claims and commands, we will unapologetically preach, teach, learn, and love the Bible, striving to derive all our beliefs and practices from its pages. 

2. Covenant Membership

Church membership provides boundaries to guard the purity of the church and ensure the effectiveness of her witness. We believe that a covenant-based community offers the clearest picture of the gospel and best positions the church to carry out the mission of Jesus.

3. Relational Discipleship

We believe that the journey of discipleship happens best when we share it with others. God wants to transform our lives, and he intends to use relationships within the church as one of the main ways to accomplish it. Imprint is committed to pursuing the mission of making disciples within a context of grace-filled relationships.

4. Life

We believe that every human being is formed by God in his image with a unique purpose, and is therefore worthy of dignity, love, and protection. Imprint will strive to uphold the value of human life by loving and protecting those the world casts aside.

5. Families

Because the family is one of God’s most strategic methods of disciple-making, and because our community is largely composed of family households, we see strategic Kingdom advantage in investing in families. Imprint will work to strengthen marriages, equip parents to disciple the next generation, and provide a safe and enjoyable ministry home for children and teens.

6. Community

Because God has placed us in northeast Baltimore County, we will seek the good of the people and institutions located here. Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor as yourself” must at least mean that we will invest significant time, energy, and resources in working for the redemption and flourishing of this community. After all, "Community" is our middle name!

7. Multiplication

Because Jesus instructed the church to “preach the gospel to every creature,” we believe the call to build the Kingdom of God is bigger than us. Therefore Imprint will strive to multiply disciples of Jesus Christ personally, locally, and globally.